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Meta Messenger, and WhatsApp will be compatible with third-party messaging applications under Europe’s DMA.

by Ahsan

Meta is bringing into a new age with Messenger as well as WhatsApp in its adherence to the EU Digital Markets Act, which will be in force in the coming months, allowing interoperability among third-party messaging applications. It will be. With these updates, The company plans to make audio and messaging calls, as well as file sharing and much more, available via various communication applications.

This is how Meta was required to conform with EU law, which gives EU developers the ability to use its applications.

Meta Messenger, WhatsApp bring interoperability with third-party apps.

Meta’s blog post from last week detailed its progress towards interoperability in its integration with Messenger and WhatsApp Two of its messaging platforms that are widely used across the globe. This new integration brings an experience that is cross-platform with Messenger and WhatsApp which allows them to join with third-party messaging applications with the same features for communication.

According to Metta according to Metta, the EU law will take effect on March 7 and, as a result of this change the interoperability options are accessible to developers but they will be governed by Metta’s technical expertise. It offers End-to-End encryption (E2EE) and a variety of privacy features it already set up.

Furthermore, it is an privacy-oriented method to messaging platform that is cross-platform, which requires developers to follow its Signal protocol that forms the heart of this secure experience.

Interoperable Metacommunication Apps for Developers

Meta described the future experiences in the coming months, stating that it is planning to release a WhatsApp reference document that will outline the conditions that it will require third-party developers to help make the feature feasible. Although as well as third-party publishers need to sign a contract to allow this interoperability the company hasn’t yet made mention of messaging platforms in the new experience.

Meta conformity to EU DMA

One of first plans to conform to EU-wide regulations that is the DMA will allow WhatsApp’s messaging service to be work with messaging apps from third parties. It will provide cross-platform services which means that users do not have to switch between WhatsApp and Telegram to send messages and meta-positioning between.

This also implies that there is interoperability between Messenger as well as WhatsApp through the same platform for those who wish to join them.

But, even though Meta complies with the new EU law however, there were initial protests from the company about some of the restrictions that will be imposed by the new law.

In the past year, Meta took its case to contest the acceptance of marketplaces and messengers in these rules and The European Commission seeking a fair marketplace across the tech industry.

As with Apple, Google, and many more, Meta was labeled as one of the “gatekeepers” under EU law This means that must adhere to the rules and manage between its platforms. How it operates must be modified. One of Meta’s biggest improvements is its cross-platform interface that works with Messenger and WhatsApp which makes its application interoperable with other messaging applications.

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